Thinking ahead to autumn

I love autumn. The colours of the leaves, the sounds they make blowing around all crispy on the pavement, lighting the fire again and cold cheeks from blustery walks. One thing I don’t love however is how autumn can play havoc with your tear film!

Cold winds, central heating, hot dry air from lighting the fire and the change from hot to cold environments can all disrupt the tear film making it work less efficiently. The symptoms of which can be very varied. The eyes may feel like they are burning, itchy, sore, gritty, red and /or watery to name a few. The umbrella term for this eye condition is dry eye syndrome. The symptoms are usually present in both eyes, but one eye can feel worse than the other.

You are more likely to have dry eyes if you are over 50, wear contact lenses, use screens for long periods without a break, spend time in air conditioned or heated environments, spend time in cold, dusty or windy environments and/or take certain medications.

The tear film is made up of three layers and the treatment for dry eye syndrome depends on which layer of the tear film is affected. If you have any of the symptoms above or think you may have dry eyes it is a good idea to get this confirmed by your Optometrist so you can have the correct treatment tailored to you and your eyes. It can really be a nuisance at times, but it doesn’t have to be.