Eye Examinations

A sight test or an eye examination? At Gower Opticians we don’t believe in a ‘quick check’. We check your eyes comprehensively. We want to make sure you see as well as possible, not just today but forever. We take the time to discuss all our findings with you in an un-rushed environment, and allow you time to ask questions.

You only get one set of eyes and so it is imperative they are looked after. Unfortunately many eye conditions don’t have any symptoms in the early stages, this is why everyone should have their eyes examined every 2 years, or more often if advised by your Optometrist.

Give your eyes some quality time and book an appointment with us, your friendly, local eyecare experts.


At Gower Opticians we offer our patients the option of having a 3D OCT scan of their eyes. 3D OCT screening can detect potentially serious conditions that can affect your eyesight and your overall health. The scan can see beneath the surface, to image the structures at the front and back of your eyes. The scan is simple, non-invasive and quick and can detect even the most subtle changes to the retina at each visit. This gives us an invaluable record of the health of your eyes.