School Summer Holiday Eye Thoughts

It’s the summer holidays! Time for fun and relaxation in the sunshine for all our children.

While September brings a new academic start for them, it is as good a time as any for us to think about their learning from a different point of view, for the next school year ahead of them.

How is their vision? They don’t complain so that means it is fine…or does it?

Research has shown that 13% of children have an undiagnosed vision problem which impacts on their learning, and as children think what they see is normal, they often don’t complain if something is wrong with their eyes. How would they know it’s not normal?

For peace of mind, and to make sure they really are ready to go back to school and reach their full potential for the next academic year, make sure you add an eye examination to your back to school checklist.

Are they short sighted? Is this progressing?

Treatments are now available in the form of specialist spectacle lenses or contact lenses that are designed to SLOW the progression of short-sightedness by 59% on average. This means their glasses are less strong than they would have been without treatment, but more importantly lower levels of short-sightedness mean a lower risk of sight-threatening conditions when they are older. This is an incredible breakthrough for short-sighted children, and I would love to discuss it in more detail with you.

Do they like sport but their spectacles are steaming up or are inconvenient?

Contact lenses really are suitable for all ages and most prescriptions – could your child benefit from being spectacle free for some of the time?

Do they like sport but are not keen on the idea of contact lenses?

Sports prescription glasses and goggles are available with impact protection for many types of sport. Their eyes are then protected properly, they maintain clear vision, and reduce breakages of their regular spectacles!

Please call us for more information on these or any other eye related topics. We look forward to hearing from you.