Keeping your eyes safe – Prevention is better than cure!

As I’m writing this, dare I say it, the sun has finally arrived & fingers crossed it’s here for a little while longer than last time. When the sun is shining most of us want to get outdoors, have a walk on the beach, do some DIY or gardening. But sometimes this can lead to our eyes being very irritable afterwards.

Have you ever had sand/grit in your eyes? Maybe a small branch has caught you in the eye? A little bit of wood dust from sanding has blown into your eyes? Any instances like this can often leave your eyes feeling sore, red & painful.

Eye protection should always be worn when carrying out any DIY or gardening jobs. In practice we have a range of safety eyewear in numerous styles with or without prescription that you can purchase. These will offer the best eye protection for you and save your regular spectacles from any mishaps to the frame or scratches to the lenses.

Prevention is better than cure, but if any eye injuries do occur then your first point of contact should always be your local optician. Here at Gower Opticians Laura is a fully accredited WECS & IP Optician and Charles is a fully accredited WECS Optician. This means they can both deal with emergency eye problems including injuries and the Independent Prescribing qualification enables Laura to prescribe any specialised medication/eye drops needed.