COVID and the problem with spectacles

When you venture out to certain places in this new life we’re living, you may be required to wear a face covering. This can feel unpleasant but if you wear spectacles it can be a real annoyance when it causes them to mist up! Being back in practice over the last few months I have picked up a few hints and tips to share with you.

  • Make sure your face covering is sitting high up your face, almost in line with your lower eye lid
  • If you have a face mask that has a metal strip in it ensure this is at the top, and press it down to mould it over the contours of your nose
  • Ensure the fit is snug to your face, you may need to twist the loops of the face mask to make it fit tighter
  • Use a specialised anti-fog lens cloth or spray – good quality sprays and wipes should be available from your optician. The wipes we use keep the lenses fog free for up to 72 hours
  • Place your spectacles over the top of the face mask or covering, so that they rest on the covering rather than the other way around
  • Your glasses will mist up more if they are cold so keep them warm in your pocket if you don’t wear them all the time
  • Try contact lenses! Contact lenses don’t fog up and come in a wide variety of prescriptions. If you’ve never worn them before now is a great time to try them. Give us a call on 01792 930665.