Back to school

You’ve ticked new uniform, pencil case, haircut and school shoes off your back to school checklist, so your children are all set for the new school term, or are they? What about their eyesight?

Research has shown that 13% of children have an undiagnosed vision problem which impacts on their learning, and as children think what they see is normal, they often don’t complain if something is wrong with their eyes, how would they know it’s not normal?

The Association of Optometrists recommends you take your child for their first eye examination around the age of 3. It’s not at all like an adult eye examination, it’s much more fun! We have pictures to look at, we can use them even if the child is non-verbal. We have lots of games and ways of checking how the eyes are developing which don’t rely on a reliable response from the child.

So for peace of mind, and to make sure they really are ready to go back to school and reach their full potential, make sure you add an eye examination to your back to school checklist.

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