COVID-19 & screen time

Looking after your eyes

As we find ourselves in these unprecedented times due to COVID-19, our normal daily routines have, in many cases changed dramatically.

We may now find ourselves working from home, glued to the news or social media, shopping online instead of in person, home schooling, keeping in touch with family and friends via video calls or all of the above! The common thread running through these changes is screen time. So how can we look after our eyes during this time?

Excessive screen time can lead to digital eye strain. Digital eye strain does not cause permanent damage to our eyes but can be uncomfortable. Symptoms include temporary blurred vision; eye strain; fatigue; sore and tired eyes; dry eyes and headaches.

Taking frequent breaks from looking at a screen by following the 20-20-20 rule will help: every 20 minutes, look 20ft away for 20 seconds to give the eye muscles a break. It’s always a good reminder to take a full blink when you are looking at a screen, as often you don’t blink properly in front of a screen and this can tire the eyes further.

Optometrists are available during this time for essential and emergency eye care only, to take some strain off the NHS. I am available on our practice mobile (07869 687820) and/or email ( for any questions, concerns or queries you may have.

Until next time, stay safe, look after yourselves and take a deep breath, this too shall pass.